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Brand Guidelines: Columbus, OH

A guide to using the ARC brand across all communications to deliver a consistent and clear message.

Thank you so much for opening up your church home with us! It is such a blessing to gather together with pastors, leaders, and ARC Family in the area. We do not take this time for granted. We know how important it is to connect and build relationships with one another. We pray the impact from this day continues to bear fruit in churches and communities throughout your region. Thank you to you and your team for hosting us. It’s an honor to serve alongside you.

We’ve prepared some information to help you prepare for your event.

Stewardship & Strategy

This resource will serve as a guide to maintain a cohesive branding strategy across all aspects of ARC’s communications. The ARC Creative & Communications Team will provide strategic assistance on any branding applications that are unclear to you. We’re here to help, and we are passionate about our brand.

While perceptions can differ from person to person, the consistent application of a cohesive branding strategy is crucial to supporting the message we carry. Our brand is a tool and, when used correctly and consistently, it ensures that every touch point reinforces the understanding of our message.

Who We Are

Telling the story of ARC.

The Association of Related Churches (ARC) is a cooperative of independent churches from different denominations, networks, and backgrounds who strategically resource church planters and pastors to help them reach people with the message of Jesus.

Our Values

With Jesus as our foundation, we…

We are generous with our resources.

We strive to meet the needs of the community.

We gather to advance the kingdom.

We value the past and celebrate the future.

We love because He first loved us.

We have confidence in the calling.

We have a vision for what’s to come.

Next Steps

There are lots of ways for new and existing churches to get involved.

Launching with ARC

If you have a dream in your heart to start a life-giving church and reach your city with the message of Jesus, ARC is here to come alongside you in the journey. Attending ARC Launch, a church planter training event, is the first step in planting a church with ARC. You will hear from ARC pastors, coaches, and staff as they share the nuts and bolts of church planting. 

Discover more at

Don’t Do Ministry Alone

We need relationships to thrive. You need other people in your corner, who have gone through similar things that you’ve gone through, and believe in your dream. ARC provides opportunities for you to build relationships with others in ministry that will support and strengthen you in what God has called you to do.

Learn more at

Finding a Meetup

Pastors and leaders, you are invited to join us for an ARC Meetup in your region. This is a wonderful opportunity to connect with other pastors from the area and build relationship with one another, so we can make a bigger impact on our city. These events are free to attend.

Find a Meetup at

Explore ARC’s Resources

We want to see pastors grow healthier as leaders because we know that is what makes churches thrive. There are tremendous resources to draw from throughout ARC. We curate a wealth of teaching on various subjects relating to ministry and life using digital, print, and external partnerships. We aim to cater these resources to the context and the needs of your local church.

Visit to get started.

The Event

Crafting the experience.

Below you will find all the assets to create any design collateral you may need. We’ve personalized the design to each location and also provided sample materials. You’ll find your specific files below that includes things like social media promos, slides for screens, printed materials, shirts, and more. If you have any design questions, please contact [email protected].

The Design Elements

Downloadable Files

  • Branding Guide & Assets
  • Print Guide
  • A-Frame Signs
  • Feather Banners
  • Pop-Up Banners
  • Handheld Signs
  • Floor Vinyls
  • Volunteer T-Shirt
  • Volunteer Lanyard
  • Social Media Graphics & Video
  • Email Header & Letterhead

The Invitation

Helpful Content to Use

Sample Email Invitation

Dear Pastor,

We invite you and your team to join us at CHURCH NAME as we Gather together with pastors and leaders from across our area on Oct. 17, to help strengthen you, the local church, and advance the Kingdom.

Gather is an ARC one-day event for pastors and their teams. We’re excited to host this event at CHURCH NAME and join together with cities across the country on this one day.

We know how important it is for pastors to be in relationship with one another. You will hear from leaders in our area, discuss today’s most relevant topics, and have an opportunity to Gather and build relationships with others in ministry. Don’t do ministry alone!

You do not need to be a part of ARC to attend. The event is free, lunch is provided, but you must register to attend.


The Association of Related Churches (ARC) is a cooperative of independent churches from different denominations, networks, and backgrounds who strategically resource church planters and pastors to help them reach people with the message of Jesus. To learn more about ARC, visit

On Social Media

Remember to tag @arcchurches in all your posts or stories and include the hashtag #arcGather.

Sample Caption

Pastors and leaders, we invite you to join us on Oct. 17, in CITY, at CHURCH NAME, for ARC Gather! We’re excited to host this event and join together with cities across the country, on this one day, to build relationships in our region and help strengthen the local church. This event is FREE but you must register to attend. If you are within driving distance of CITY, grab your team, invite others, and Gather with us! Register at #arcGather

The Service Media

Details on Slides, Photography, and Video

In Service Slides

We will provide slides to use on the screen during your event. These include event sponsors, ARC promotional items, and general service slides. You may use the design elements to create any additional slides needed for your location.

Download Slides


Within 24 hours following the event, please upload your original, high res photos using the button below or email a link to [email protected]. You can upload multiple files or compress your photos into a single .zip file if that is easier for you.

Shot List

  • Candid photos of guests visiting and smiling in the lobby or gathering spaces
  • Photos of any branded signage or Gather details
  • Volunteers in action
  • Worship
  • Each on-stage speaker or communicator
  • Breakout sessions (if applicable)
Upload Photos Here

Production & Video Files

Prior to the event you will be able to download the files needed for the video sessions that will be played during the event as well as any sponsor videos and in-service elements. If you have any production questions, please contact [email protected].

  • Service Order Template
  • Countdown Videos
  • Lower Thirds
  • Church Planter Story & Main Session Video with Dino Rizzo
  • ARC News & Wesleyan Investment Foundation Video
Download Files